Fluxations Full Body Comprovisations No.1 and No.2 (2012).

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The Chameleon Jellyfish series (2011-12)

My Chameleon Jellyfish series exemplifies the idea of techné (theory and praxis in one process) as an expression of an ontological proposition: worldmaking. In this case the affinity between the flux of exotic properties in musical and exotic creatures in nature has led to, what is for me, a new kind of cyber-art, one inspired by A.N. Whitehead's (1929) multiple "actual worlds" ontology as well the perceptive appreciation of the chromataphor camouflage choreographies of cephalopods articulated by Jaron Lanier (You Are Not a Gadget, 2010).

I imagined the activities of a hypothetical sea creature equipped with chameleon-like color-transformative abilities and distinctive sonic projective powers, but with the translucency, morphology, and motion of a jellyfish. This culminated in a series of algorithmically generated computer music-animation works: Song of the Chameleon Jellyfish, Lament of the Chameleon Jellyfish, Mating Ritual of the Chameleon Jellyfish, and Chameleon Jellyfish Cyber-telepathic Transformation.1 The last of these additionally depicts telepathic communication between jellyfish and digital system, gradually resulting in a transformation of the jellyfish's consciousness into a more expansive cyber-cognition.2     — Joshua B. Mailman

1. They were programmed with the Processing framework for graphics and sound.
2. This cyber-transformation exploits certain narrative capabilities unique to technological art and music, as I discuss in my essay "Agency, Determinism, Focal Time Frames, and Processive Minimalist Music" (forthcoming in the book Musical Narrative Since 1900 from Indiana University Press in October 2012).

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Song of the Chameleon Jellyfish (2011)

Lament of the Chameleon Jellyfish (2011)

Mating Ritual of the Chameleon Jellyfish (2011-12)

Chameleon Jellyfish Cyber-telepathic Transformation (2011-12)

Thought Experiments of a Chameleon Jellyfish (2012)
Thought Experiments... is the only one in the series made interactively, and only to a slight degree was it forged interactively.
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